Exploit your data, boost your factory.

Welcome to the era of connected machines.

We develop digital solutions that enhance industrial facilities and enable new business models.


If it's measurable, it's better.

Get value from raw data generated by production machines, anytime, anywhere.

MAT, Machine Analytics Tool.

It is our solution, developed in close contact with OEMs and End Users from different industries, to manage every aspect of the connected machine.

Edge & Cloud-or just Edge!

On the platform of your choice.

MAT lets you choose the market platform you want to manage your machine data: choose between SIEMENS MindSphere and Microsoft Azure for the Cloud.

Compatibility with Docker allows deployment on any market EDGE platform. This way your machine data is safe and always under your control!

MAT Cloud Webapp
MAT Edge Webapp
Industrial Machine

End User

Machine Users.

If you use machines and industrial lines to produce, then you can't achieve operational excellence and support continuous improvement processes in manufacturing operations without the power of data.


Machine Builders.

Many leading machinery companies choose MAT to better understand how their machines are being used, as well as to increase operating margins by offering new value-added digital services.