Exploit your data, boost your factory.


Industrial IoT for machines to process rubber, plastic and non-woven fabric.

To transform raw machine and system data into value, to support end customers to optimise the production process and reduce unwanted and costly downtime.


Type OEM
Sector Plastic, rubber and non-woven fabric
Country Italy

“It is a pleasure for all of us to liaise with the 40Factory team, which is supporting COMERIO ERCOLE's IoT strategy to connect machines, thereby turning raw data into value. With their open-minded approach, competence and expertise, 40Factory is successfully improving the implementation of IoT solutions for our customers. We look forward to expanding the partnership for further challenges ahead.”

Originally founded in 1885 as a workshop to repair textile machines, Comerio Ercole S.p.A. quickly moved on to the design and manufacture of machinery for the textile industry, specializing in the years to come in the construction of complete machines and systems to process rubber, plastic, non-woven fabric and special systems.

Recently included among the top 100 Italian companies leading the way in terms of sustainability, Comerio Ercole has always kept a close eye on market expectations, designing safe, quality machines and systems always undergoing continuous innovation. To further optimise the performance of its products and raise the quality of its services, Comerio Ercole meets the needs of its customers with HERCULES 4.0, the Industrial IoT platform based on 40Factory's MAT technology.

HERCULES 4.0 is configured as a platform to which both Comerio Ercole and its end customers have access under entirely secure conditions. On the one hand, customers have a tool ensuring complete visibility on OEE, consumption, production trends, quality and waste, alarms and downtime. On the other hand, with HERCULES 4.0, Comerio Ercole is able to support customers in optimising performance, anticipating machine downtime through an adequate supply of spare parts, thereby optimising the operating and maintenance costs of machines.

MAT's architecture ensures HERCULES 4.0 can be used in EDGE mode and is suitably extendable in CLOUD mode, guaranteeing maximum flexibility of access to information on modern media such as smartphones, tablets, etc.