Exploit your data, boost your factory.


Packaging lines 4.0.

Supporting customers in the process of continuous improvement and increased efficiency by offering new value-added services, based on the value generated by the raw data of the connected plants.


Type OEM
Sector Packaging
Country Italy

Not just a technology provider, but the right partner in the digitalization journey for the servitization process

Born in Rho (MI) in 1850, Goglio Group has been designing, developing and manufacturing complete packaging systems for every packaging need for 172 years. Always committed to research and development with enthusiasm and a keen eye on the dynamics of the sector and on new technologies, Goglio has established itself over the years as a leading company in the sector, with a turnover of €370 million, 8 production sites around the world and 1,803 employees.

Riding the wave of digital transformation, Goglio relies on 40Factory for the digitalisation of the packaging lines produced in the Zeccone plant (Pavia, Italy): this is how “Mind” was born, the IoT platform, based on Machine Analytics Tool technology, capable of generating value from production data and reducing the distance between Goglio and its end customers, including some of the main multinational coffee producers.

The solution, with modular and hybrid Edge & Cloud architecture (Microsoft Azure), was configured by adopting a software deployment logic based on microservices: the subdivision of the individual components into small containers communicating with each other guarantees, in addition to portability and system flexibility, speed in problem solving, limiting any failures to individual components and avoiding a potentially catastrophic chain effect.

From a functional point of view, the web app offers advantages to both parties: on the one hand, Goglio, by exploiting the MAT technology and accessing the operating data of the entire fleet of connected machines in the world, can offer new value-added services such as remote FAT and guaranteed performance level contracts; on the other hand, end customers have access to an advanced tool for monitoring entire packaging departments based on Goglio technology and third-party machines.