Exploit your data, boost your factory.

MCM S.p.A.

Predictive maintenance for machining centres.

Allowing its customers to maximise the use of machining centres throughout their life cycle, limiting failure episodes and downtime through the implementation of real predictive maintenance.


Type OEM
Sector Machine tools
Country Italy

We have greatly appreciated the mix of technical expertise and passion

Since 1978 MCM has been designing and manufacturing high-performance horizontal machining centres, flexible production systems and customised solutions for the main sectors of precision mechanics (aerospace, automotive, energy, oil & gas, general mechanics). Over the years, the company has not only consolidated its presence in Italy but has also become a solid reality at international level, thanks to the opening of branches in France, Germany, USA and China and to various operational partnerships in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

MCE, the engineering and software division of MCM, has found in 40Factory the ideal partner to further evolve the internally developed EDGE jNODE FR system, dedicated to the high-frequency acquisition of physical variables collected by the machine sensors, and to the pre-processing of the collected data.

Starting from these solid foundations, 40Factory has configured an IIoT solution based on Machine Analytics Tool technology and distributed on the SIEMENS MindSphere cloud platform, able to guarantee reliability and high performance even in the presence of large volumes of data, allowing users a quick and simple consultation thanks to highly informative dashboards with optimised UI/UX.

The HTML5 web app, named MCM IoT App, is divided into different functional modules which enable a progressively more in-depth and complex analysis of the conditions of the machining centre: the ultimate aim is to allow the adoption of predictive maintenance logic for machine and automation components thanks to Machine Learning algorithms which, by comparing the value of the signals relating to the normal operating actions of the machine units with the current operating data, provide information about the onset of any anomalies.

The platform is also equipped with a virtual assistant (BOT) capable of communicating with users in natural language via Telegram, answering questions such as “What is the production line with the lowest OEE in the last week?” and also enabling the subscription to periodic efficiency reports, making the operator-app interaction even simpler and more intuitive.