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MFL Group

MFL-X Industrial IoT App.

Strengthening the manufacturer-end user partnership with the creation of a strong digital ecosystem, transforming customer service into an efficient and pleasant experience, starting with the digitisation of its machines.


Type OEM
Sector Wire & Ropes
Country Italy

It was very important for us to find a partner that had a modern working culture and an entrepreneurial spirit that would allow us to address our AIIoT strategy while ensuring the scalability and stability of the technology solution

MFL GROUP, based in Molteno, has been engaged for over 120 years in the design and production of drawing, stranding, armour and extrusion machines for the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous wire and cable.

The whole group, with customers in more than 100 countries around the world, employs around 400 people, including 90 engineers, with production sites in Italy, Spain and China.

By virtue of its innovative character, the group creates in 2019 MFL X, the team specialised in the development of smart industrial applications aimed at digitising and improving MFL production lines. In the same year they meet 40Factroy and start a fruitful partnership that continues today.

Together, the 40Factory and MFL X teams have created MFL X IoT App, the Industrial IoT solution based on MAT technology and distributed on the SIEMENS MindSphere cloud platform, designed to manage all the key aspects of the machines built by the group’s companies: real-time monitoring of process variables, efficiency analysis, energy consumption, quality, complete traceability of the yarn produced thanks to vision algorithms based on Machine Learning techniques.

At an operational level, the application is aimed at supporting users to make informed strategic decisions by extracting value from the data generated by the production lines, as well as transforming customer service into an efficient and pleasant experience, thanks to a ticket creation system integrated directly into the app.

Thanks to 40Factory and MFL X, MFL GROUP fully enters the world of data-driven services and lays the foundations for new partnership models with its customers.