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Big Data & KPI Analytics with MindSphere.

Offering a new and innovative monitoring service to its customers, providing a tool that can support the improvement of its production efficiency thanks to the lean 4.0 analysis of raw data issued by machines and plants.


Type OEM
Sector Coating, Packaging
Country Italy


Nordmeccanica S.p.A., founded in 1978 and taken over by Antonio Cerciello in 1998, is a leading company in the flexible packaging sector (laminating machines for industrial flexible packaging) and in the metallisation of paper and plastic films.

Thanks to a radical internal reorganisation, the company has undergone a great relaunch over the years on a national and global scale, achieving today remarkable results. With a turnover that has gone from €7 to 110 million in a few years, today Nordmeccanica has over 280 employees and factories in Piacenza, New York, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and Mumbai.

With the aim of offering its customers a new and innovative monitoring service that allows them to gain detailed knowledge of how their machines work, Nordmeccanica has chosen to undertake a profitable process of digitising its assets together with 40Factory.

The Industrial IoT App configured by 40Factory for Nordmeccanica consists of a web app based on MAT technology and Edge & Cloud architecture organised into functional modules, each dedicated to the management of every aspect of the connected machine: real-time monitoring of the coil coupling process, verification of presence of active alarms, control and verification of the recipe parameters loaded into the machine, analysis of efficiency and production quality.

At the cloud level, the application is hosted on the SIEMENS MindSphere platform, an IoT operating system that offers PaaS services to customers and developers, allowing the connection of industrial assets and allowing partners or users to develop and run customised apps.

The solution, presented by Nordmeccanica in collaboration with 40Factory at the K2019 Fair in Düsseldorf, was enthusiastically welcomed by the company’s customers and, as proof of its success, Nordmeccanica immediately received numerous connection requests from national and international customers.