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Remote Data Monitoring – The Edge & Cloud solution for packaging 4.0.

Supporting the end customer in identifying the main bottlenecks, maximising the OEE and increasing knowledge on the use of the machines, in order to offer new value-added services.


Type OEM
Sector Packaging
Country Italy

Passion, expertise and vision are key elements in choosing a future-proof technological partner and 40Factory fully embodies them, allowing Ocme to be a leader in digital technology as well

Founded in 1954, OCME is a leading packaging machinery company, headquartered in Parma and operating globally, providing its customers with innovation-based solutions for consumer goods packaging.

Since 2017, it has been part of the Aetna Group holding company, which manufactures and markets a wide range of machines and lines capable of meeting equally wide production needs, offering tailor-made packaging solutions.

OCME, together with Aetna Group, boasts a total turnover of over €350 million achieved by a team of more than 1,500 professionals operating in 9 plants located all over the world. Aetna Group is synonymous with excellence thanks to highly specialised business units, to a system of advanced and exclusive research laboratories in the world such as TechLab, and above all to a business philosophy aimed at consolidating the value of a ONE GLOBAL COMPANY on the market. A synergy of technology, innovation, sustainability, which allows us to have a widely distributed presence on international markets, offering high-performance solutions tailored to the needs of the market and the customer in every corner of the world, with great attention paid to the issues of the circular economy.

It was precisely the innovative nature and the constant view towards the future that gave rise to OCME’s need to have a digital tool to transform the data generated by the machines into value; OCME has found these characteristics in 40Factory’s MAT (Machine Analytics Tool) technology.

This is how RDM (Remote Data Monitoring) was born, the Industrial IoT solution for connecting OCME machines and lines. Configured with the support of the 40Factory team, it manages all essential aspects of the packaging 4.0 line: efficiency analysis, identification of bottlenecks, quality analysis, process telemetry and black box, energy consumption, preventive and predictive maintenance and more.

RDM is based on a modular and hybrid Edge & Cloud architecture; raw data, acquired by the PLCs of the OCME and third-party machines, is transformed into smart data by the Edge layer and subsequently transferred, securely, to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Here it can be consulted in a collaborative environment, both by OCME staff and by the end customer.

Using MAT technology, OCME is able to offer its customers a data-driven analysis tool for continuous improvement, as well as being able to offer new value-added services, based on real knowledge of machine use.