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IoT solution for monitoring waste treatment plants.

Optimising waste treatment processes remotely, reducing intervention in the field, and improving plant performance based on data-driven decisions.


Type OEM
Sector Waste treatment
Country Italy - Spain

In 40Factory we have found a competent company, capable of interpreting our need for innovation and delivering on it

Since 1993 Sorain Cecchini Tecno has been carrying on the development and industrialisation of the technologies of the Sorain Cecchini group, active for over 65 years in the field of environmental services, waste management and treatment. SCT has continuously grown since its foundation, exceeding its objectives both in terms of company size and increase in turnover: today there are more than 70 plants spread over 5 continents, for a total capacity of more than 70,000,000 tonnes of managed waste.

This exponential growth has emphasised the need to equip ourselves with a tool capable of monitoring the status of the various plants located on the national and international territory, to transform the “raw” data generated by the plants into strategic information to increase the efficiency of our waste treatment processes.

In response to the needs of SCT, 40Factory has created an Industrial IoT solution, based on MAT (Machine Analytics Tool) technology and distributed on the SIEMENS MindSphere industrial cloud platform.

The automatic acquisition of key parameters via the cloud, such as the temperatures of the various reactor areas, as well as the flow rates and flows of the irrigation system, allows the analysis and evaluation of the operating status aimed at optimising systems performance.

A responsive web app allows process data to be intuitively displayed on a 2D or 3D heatmap depicting the reactor. Through our “Time Machine” feature, technicians can study the heating patterns of the different areas and identify points for improvement. In addition, end customers can monitor the efficiency and sustainability of SCT plants simply by accessing a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution.