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Smart Press - IoT predictive maintenance for mechanical presses.

Preventing machine downtime, reducing downtime related to unscheduled maintenance activities, and smartly analysing machine operating cycles to optimise design processes.


Type OEM
Sector Metal Forming
Country Italy

In 40Factory we have found an innovative partner, capable of bringing fresh ideas to a mature market

Founded in 1960 in Turate (Como) as a family business, Zani has grown progressively from generation to generation, becoming today the international benchmark for excellence in mechanical presses and service reliability.

Relying on tradition, experience and professionalism, Zani is aware that the key to success is to offer its customers safe, reliable, high-quality products. For this reason, it turned to 40Factory for a tool to further improve its operational efficiency.

The 40Factory Industrial IoT solution, designed for the monitoring, smart analysis, and predictive maintenance of Zani mechanical presses, consists of an app based on MAT technology, distributed on the SIEMENS MindSphere industrial cloud platform. The Edge layer is responsible for acquiring high-frequency data from the PLC of the press, aggregating it and transmitting it in an optimised way to the cloud, in compliance with the industry’s most stringent safety regulations.

From a functional point of view, the application consists of modules dedicated to the progressive analysis of the conditions of the Zani press: taking the first steps from the homepage, where the overall health of the entire fleet of machines is summarised, passing through the smart analysis of machine downtime and work cycles (“Machine Recorder”), we get to the heart of the solution, the Health Monitoring module. Here, the most critical components for the correct operation of the machine, such as gearmotors and balancing cylinders, are constantly monitored by algorithms that combine the power of machine learning with the knowledge of the ZANI technical staff, gained over dozens of years of field experience.

This translates into the ability to prevent critical situations several weeks in advance, optimally planning maintenance activities and maximising the end customer's OEE.