Exploit your data, boost your factory.


Your GPT-based virtual assistant.


I know all the technical documentation of your machines and business processes.

I can help you with service, knowledge access and training!

Cut time, improve performance.

Wilson.ai can handle more than 40 % of technical service requests autonomously, thus reducing the average time for resolution from hours to minutes.

Democratises knowledge.

It can help internal staff to access company know-how and procedures very easily, drastically reducing training time for new staff and cope with turn-over.

Capitalises know-how.

Wilson.ai feeds on what you already have. Capitalise all unstructured textual documentation: Pdf documents, thread mails, txt/csv files, CRM cases, intervention reports and much more.

Business knowledge expressed in an unstructured way

Wilson Academy

Knowledge upload and training virtual assistance

GPT-based ChatBOT

Internal staff

Immediate access to knowledge


Customer service and customer care support

Wilson.ai Beta Program

Wilson.ai is developed in response to concrete needs of Oem and End User companies participating in the Beta Program.

The development project is also open to your company. By participating, you get unlimited access to all functionalities and can actively contribute to the improvement of the product.